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See the quality build and test ride a ZOOMee at Movement Systems, Burswood. When you love it - take it home!

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Zoomee Bikes deliver their bikes around Australia to our trusted Bike Shop Distributors where they are built and tested. You'll get a call when they're ready for you to pick up. Any problems, just call the shop you picked them up from and they'll help you fix the issue.

Local Pick Up

Zoomee ebikes ship our bikes all around Australia.

Can't find a Zoomee Distributor near you? No problem. Let us find a Bike Shop near you we'll get you riding out with a fully built, high end Zoomee ebike. They'll help you with any questions you have and help with any maintenance requirements in the future.

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Western Australia

Movement Systems
100A Burswood Road
Burswood WA 6100
ph: 08 9362 1488
Ask for Mike or Steve

Too far to travel? No problem! We’ll find the perfect fit for you!